Cleo de Nile’s Vanity

Cleo’s gold vanity is beautiful and intricate with turquoise and black accents. Its legs are snakes in the back and feature the goddess Bastet in the front. Behind the oval mirror are gold snakes, translucent turquoise designs, black & gold flowers, and black & gold scarab wings. Above the mirror hangs a translucent turquoise chandelier. The front of the vanity has a drawer with black symbols.

The vanity’s gold chair has black legs with gold snakes wrapped around the front legs that form arm rests. The black seat has a gold pattern in the front and a tufted turquoise cushion. The back features a turquoise mummy skullette as well as gold snakes, gold & turquoise flowers, and gold scarab wings.

A variety of accessories are included with the playset, many of which can be stored in the drawer of the vanity. It has a jewelry box, perfume bottles, earrings, necklace, ring, make-up & case, and a sphinx iCoffin dock.

  • Model Number:
  • W9119
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