Coffin Bean & Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen is at the Coffin Bean, the place where ghouls hang out after school. She is wearing a light and dark purple diagonal striped dress with gold buckles on the darker stripes. The dress is accentuated by a gold collar and a black & gold zipper stripe down the front. On her feet are purple shoes with gold laces and extra rows of eyelets.

Her outfit is accessorized with many gold items. Clawdeen wears two gold hoop earrings in each ear, a gold spiked headband holds her ponytail, and a double necklace with crescent moon pendant is around her neck. She also has a spiked bracelet and a triple-wrapped grommet belt.

The Coffin Bean has a couch, chair, and coffee table. The blue couch is etched with spiderweb patterns and the top is decorated with black curls and a spider. The black claw-foot chair is covered with ornate swirls, a skull with hands at the top, and red swirl-tufted cushions. The coffin-shaped coffee table is black and detailed with a skull on the top.

The shop also has a shelf full of delicious treats. The three black shelves are decorated with a black spiderweb and a purple back drop. The back drop features images of spiderwebs, cups, plates, mice and canisters of ghoulish goodies. Above the shelves is an illegible menu framed by swirls and skulls. The top of the frame has a coffin with an image of a dead bean. On the counter is a gray tombstone-shaped cash register with a purple screen.

A variety of small items are included with the playset. There is a Monster Beat magazine and a black apron with an image of a dead bean. Snacks consist of a gray skull cauldron with a green drink, a gray skull cauldron with a pink drink, a green spider cupcake, and a brown critter-shaped donut.

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  • X3721
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