Create-A-Monster Design Lab Playset

The lab has a black base adorned with strings of gray chains. The pink lid has ornate embossed designs, a black Monster High crest, and is trimmed with pyramid studs. It has a Skullette and chain handle and is held shut by a pink Skullette padlock.

The inside of the lab has a blue work area with spiderweb etchings and cutouts for various doll parts. Attached to the lid is a black tattoo device with a water tube. When water is pumped and the lever is pressed a tattoo is transferred to the doll. A pink Skullette applicator is included for touch-ups.

Over 100 face and body tattoos come with the playset. Tattoos can be removed from the doll with warm soapy water.

There are limbs, torso, and a head to create a light green ghoul. Her purple hair is long with blunt bangs. She does not have any facial features.

Her short dress features wide black and gray stripes and pink sleeves with wavy black stripes. It is complemented by black pumps with Skullette ankle straps and pink stripes on the platforms and heels.

  • Model Number:
  • X3729
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