Create-A-Monster Skultimate Set

The Skultimate set creates four dolls with clothes and accessories. There is also a black Skullette brush and four black doll stands.

The ghouls are Ice, Gorgon, Vampire, and Insect. They were previously released in starter or add-on packs.

The ice ghoul has translucent blue limbs and torso. The head has crystal-like eyes, light purple shadow, and pink lips. Her pink and blue hair is long and straight with blunt bangs.

Her dress is light blue with short sleeves and a pink print with drips and splatter. She has translucent pink pumps with ankle straps and gooey heels.

The gorgon has scaly green limbs, torso, and head. She has yellow eyes with vertical pupils, orange eyeshadow, purple eyeliner, and red lips. Her green molded hair is scaly with a ponytail of snakes.

She has a purple diamond scale print, a black halterneck strap, and a jagged green hem. It is accessorized with gold peep-toe pumps that have brick-like rows and straps.

The vampire is pale pink with arms, legs, torso, and head. She has purple eyes with lavender shadow, red fanged lips, and clip-on ears. Her molded short pink hair has drips and curled ends.

She wears a black sleeveless dress with yellow ruffles along the neckline and hem. The ruffles are decorated with black stitch stripes. Her shoes are pink open-toe pumps with chains.

The insect-like ghoul has translucent gray bug wings and yellow body parts that transition to black at the hands and feet. She has compound eyes with green, orange, and blue shadow and violet lips. Her bob cut is streaked blue and purple.

She has a form-fitting dress with yellow-gold and black diagonal lines accented by magenta dots. The shoulder and sleeves are black mesh. Accessories consist of gray bug glasses with antennae and black pumps.

From the box:

A coffin load of scary cool combinations!

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