Create-A-Monster Starter Pack Ice & Blob

This starter pack lets you build two Monster High dolls. It includes two sets of body parts and outfits.

Body Parts
The Ice ghoul has translucent blue arms, legs, and torso. The blue head has crystal-like eyes with light purple shadow and pink lips. Her long pink and blue hair is straight with blunt bangs.

The Blob has translucent pink and sparkly arms, legs, and torso. The sparkly pink head has orange eyes with pink and lavender shadow, blue eyeliner, and red lips. Her molded short pink hair has a drippy style with curled ends.

The halterneck dress is black with a decorative print. It has pink icicle stripes, blue diamond stripes with Skullette snowflakes, and pink details.

Next is a form-fitting light blue dress with short sleeves. It has a print made up of pink drips and splatter.

The last item is a pair of translucent pink pumps. They have ankle straps, gooey accents, and dripping heels.

  • Model Number:
  • Y0417
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