Create-A-Monster Starter Pack Gargoyle & Vampire

This starter pack lets you build Monster High mansters. It has two sets of body parts and two outfits.

Doll Parts
The Gargoyle is speckled gray with arms, legs, torso, small wings, and a head. The head has knobby pointed ears, yellow eyes with gray shadow, and gray lips.

The vampire is light pink with arms, legs, torso, and a head. On one forearm is a black bat tattoo. His head has red eyes highlighted with yellow and a fanged mouth. The hair is black, side swept, and has a patch of red on top.

The first outfit is a classic Monster High uniform. The white athletic shirt has a pink collar, black sleeves, and a Monster High emblem. It is matched with black shorts trimmed with a jagged pink and white hem.

The second ensemble begins with a sleeveless black shirt that has red shoulders and dripping red horizontal stripes. It is completed with red cargo shorts.

Accessories include a black Skullette brush and black high tops with red tongues, brown laces, and serrated details.

  • Model Number:
  • X3725
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