Creepateria with Cleo de Nile & Howleen Wolf

The Creepateria comes with a food station, a table and benches, Cleo de Nile, and Howleen Wolf. The food station is black with a wrought iron spiderweb pattern, purple goo, and the Monster High crest on the front. It has a blue shelf, a silver counter, and a working guillotine. The guillotine has wood columns, a silver serrated blade, and a magenta top adorned with a skull and skeletal hands.

The pink coffin-shaped table is decorated with a skullette, spiderweb cutouts, and a studded outline. The wrought iron legs are black and connected by skullettes surrounded by spiderweb designs. The matching pink benches have spiderweb cutouts, studded outlines, and black legs just like the table.

Creepateria accessories begin with two coffin-shaped lunch trays; one is gold and the other is blue. There is a silver tray with gooey green and gooey magenta food, a half green and half pink sub sandwich, a blue bowl with magenta grapes, and a plate with desserts. For beverages there is a yellow milk carton, a pink and a green cup with straws and lids, and a turquoise goblet.

Cleo is wearing a black dress made up of colorful bandage wrap triangles and a turquoise tulle shoulder accent. She accessorizes with a purple scarab pendant, a turquoise triangle bangle, and a studded turquoise belt. Her shoes are gold strappy wedge sandals with gem-like studs.

Howleen has on a purple shirt with black sleeves, claw marks, and yellow paw prints. Her black skirt has a crossbones print that transitions from purple to blue. She accessorizes with a spiked pink wrist cuff and pink high tops with blue laces.

Cleo and Howleen were previously released individually. There is an alternate version of this playset known as the Social Spots Creepateria that does not include dolls, but does have a drink station.

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  • CBX75
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