Social Spots Creepateria

The Social Spots Creepateria includes a food station, a microwave & drink station, a table, and benches. The black food station has a spiderweb pattern, purple goo, and the Monster High crest. It has a blue inner shelf, a silver counter, and a guillotine. The wood guillotine has a silver serrated blade and an ornate magenta top with a skull and skeletal hands.

The microwave & drink station is black with a blue front and rounded top adorned with a pink skullette. The front has a studded outline and a skull and spiderweb design connecting the legs. The drink display is a column with pink shelves and a clear spiderweb-etched window. The station has a silver counter, pink spiderweb accents, blue shelves, and a microwave with a green spiderweb door.

The table and benches are pink with black wrought iron legs connected by skullettes and spiderweb designs. The table top is coffin-shaped and features a skullette, spiderweb cutouts, and studded edges. The benches also have the spiderweb cutouts and studs, but lack the skullette.

The pink coffin-shaped table is decorated with a skullette, spiderweb cutouts, and a studded outline. The wrought iron legs are black and connected by skullettes surrounded by spiderweb designs. The matching pink benches have spiderweb cutouts, studded outlines, and black legs just like the table.

Accessories begin with two coffin-shaped trays; one pink and one blue. For food there is a silver tray with green and magenta goo, a half green and half pink sub sandwich, a plate with desserts, and a pizza-like food. It also has a blue milk carton, a pink and a green cup with straws and lids, a green fork, and a blue fork.

There is an alternate version of the Creepateria that includes Cleo de Nile and Howleen Wolf, but lacks the microwave & drink station.

  • Model Number:
  • BJR21
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