Creepover Party Twyla

Twyla has wavy aquamarine hair with streaks of magenta. Her pale lavender complexion is enhanced by her light blue eyes and full lavender lips.

Her sleepwear features a sweater with a swirly purple print and turquoise accents. Complementing the top is a double-layered skirt with spiderweb designs and a turquoise hem.

Accessories include a doorknob hair clip, bug earrings, an hourglass bracelet, and a doorknocker belt. On her feet are strappy platform shoes with windowed heels.

For the sleepover, she has a bunny sleep mask, bunny-eared hoodie cap, a teacup, cell phone, pastry strudel, and an Intro to Talismans book. All of it is kept in a dust bunny backpack.

With Twyla is Dustin, her pet dust bunny.

The doll is about 10.5 inches tall and fully articulated.

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