Dance Class 5-Pack

This Target exclusive 5-pack features Gil Webber and Rochelle Goyle. It also includes Lagoona Blue, Operetta, and Robecca Steam who were previously released individually.

Gil Webber
Gil is wearing a teal tank top embellished with scales and black trim. His shorts are gray with a teal & white waistband, black drawstring, and teal elastic cuffs. On his feet are black shoes with white tongues, teal laces, and white soles with serrated teal edges. He has a clear dome helmet and a black duffel bag detailed with waves.

Rochelle Goyle
Rochelle’s purple leotard is adorned with pink fleurs-de-lis and other decorative designs. Around her waist is a black & white striped skirt with a black bow. Her black ballet slippers have white socks, black bows, and pink wedge heels. She also has a black headband and an ornate pink filigree purse.

Lagoona Blue
Lagoona is wearing a black leotard with pink coral and white bubbles. Her mesh skirt is turquoise with seaweed and pink tentacles. She has pink seaweed shoes, a pink bracelet, and an aqua-blue scuba tank purse.

Operetta has a black leotard covered with white & red dice. Over the leotard is a black & white spiderweb skirt. She has black & white piano key shoes, a red baguette bag, a purple heart-shaped mask, and a purple & white mini check headscarf.

Robecca Steam
Robecca has on a blue leotard with black steampunk filigree and a purple sheet metal waist cover-up. On her feet are bronze booties and in her hair is a bronze headband with a mini top hat. Purple accessories include a steampunk purse and wristband.

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