Dead Tired Hydration Station & Lagoona Blue

This playset features Lagoona Blue wearing cute aquatic-themed PJs. It also has her Hydration Station where she rests and rehydrates.

Logoona has on a white tank top with blue stitched edges and a pattern of blue waves and pink flowers. Her pants are blue with a blue & white wave pattern, white stitching, and a white waistband with drawstring.

Lagoona’s sleep mask is white with a blue wave pattern and blue edges. Her pink fuzzy monster slippers each have yellow eyes, a mouth, and fins.

The Hydration Station is a tube with a transparent front, blue back door, and a black base with a blue seashell. The black top has a gray skullette, a blue scale roof, and a gray hand crank. The inside of the door has three bubble shelves to hold Lagoona’s essentials.

The station lights up with three different modes: flashing lights, extended flashing lights, and lights always on. When filled with water it can also creates streams of rising bubbles.

The playset includes Neptuna, Lagoona’s pet piranha, and many other items. There’s a blue bottle of H2O, a bottle of moisturizer, a journal & pen, a seashell compact, a doll stand, a brush, and a funnel.

  • Model Number:
  • V7963
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