Neptuna is the pet of Lagoona Blue. She is a pink piranha with big turquoise eyes. She travels with Lagoona in a fishbowl purse.

Releases: 4

Electrocuties Neptuna

Friends Lagoona Blue and Neptuna

Minis Lagoona Blue & Neptuna

Secret Creepers – Critters Neptuna

Neptuna with Lagoona Blue (8)

13 Wishes Lagoona Blue

Boo-riginal Creeproduction Lagoona Blue

Dead Tired Hydration Station & Lagoona Blue

Generation 3 Lagoona Blue

Generation 3 Lagoona Blue (2024)

Reel Drama Lagoona Blue

Shriek Wrecked – Nautical Ghouls Lagoona Blue

Wave 1 Lagoona Blue

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