Dot Dead Gorgeous 3-Pack

This Walmart exclusive 3-pack features Draculaura, Abbey Bominable, and Ghoulia Yelps. They are wearing beautiful dot-inspired outfits to the polka dot dance.

Draculaura is wearing a lovely halter dress held by black lace straps and bow. The pink bodice has interchanging rows of white hearts and black dots with bows. The front is embellished with white lace frills. The skirt is pink with pink polka dots, has black bows at the hem, and is covered with a pattern of skullettes and hearts interlinked by black chains. Her pink dripping shoes each have a large heart in the front and a black bat wing wedge heel. Accessories consist of pink bow earrings and a pink beaded bracelet. She also has a black & pink iCoffin phone.

Abbey Bominable
Abbey’s single shoulder multihued dress is detailed with a pattern of blue & black snowflakes. The skirt has three layers with jagged hems. Two of the layers have the snowflake pattern and the middle layer is solid pink. Her translucent blue open-toe heels are made up of ice crystals with fur trim. Her translucent blue accessories consist of a snowflake earring, an icicle earring, an ice crystal necklace, and an ice crystal belt. She also has white fur bracelets, a translucent blue ice crystal purse, and a black & blue iCoffin phone.

Ghoulia Yelps
Ghoulia has on a single strap dress featuring a white bodice adorned with a pattern of blue eyeballs. A black waistband separates the bodice from the skirt. Both the skirt and the strap are red with a collage of white skullettes. Her wedge shoes are made up of white bones with red brain wrinkle heels. Accessories entail white cat-eye glasses, red crossbone earrings, and a gray dripping goo arm warmer. Her white bone purse is formed from a rib cage.

Included with the dolls is a white brush and a group photo trading card.

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  • X4482
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