Draculocker & Draculaura

The Draculocker playset features the locker/carrying case, lots of accessories, and a Draculaura doll.

The coffin-shaped case is black with a Monster High crest on the front and a pink bow handle on top. It is hinged and held closed by a Skullette lock.

Inside, the left half has lots of shelves and two drawers with pink Skullette knobs. The magenta background has images of items made to look like they are sitting on the shelves.

The right half is more open with only a couple of shelves. It has a pink bar to hold Count Fabulous and a pink Skullette clothes rack with 10 silver batty hangars. The background is pattern of pink tufts with bow accents.

With the locker is a blue tufted chair that rests upon a pedestal with a spiderweb base. Count Fabulous, Draculaura’s pet bat, is also inside. He is black with a pink bow and a pink shirt.

Draculaura has straight black hair with a streak of pink that is pulled into a ponytail. She has pale skin, gray eyeshadow, black fanged lips, and a pink heart on her cheek.

Her outfit features a long sleeveless top that is pink with polka dots and winged hearts. The pants are black and shiny.

She accessorizes with pink zipper earrings and a gray necklace. On her feet are pink peep-toe pumps with bow straps.

Additional accessories begin with a sleeveless dress. It is pink with crinkled black lines. For shoes, there are white pumps with ankle strap bows and pink high tops.

There also is a pink parasol with a batty handle, bat wing sunglasses, and black bow and heart earrings. Bags include a black heart-shaped purse, a pink coffin-shaped purse, and a gray cutout tote.

From the box:

At MH, a ghoul's ordinary locker can function as a place to fang out, or catch up on some last minute studying, or even store supplies for that occasional fashion emergency. Of course, when the locker in question belongs to Draculaura, you know it's totes impossible that there's going to be anything ordinary about it.

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  • BGT61
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