Electrified – Hair-Raising Ghouls Ari Hauntington

Ari has long crimped hair that is purple with streaks of bright blue. She has a translucent complexion with pink eyeshadow, pink and blue eyeliner, and deep pink lips.

Her off-the-shoulder dress is black with a blue trimmed neckline and a colorful print. The print features sheet music, music notes, and chains. Completing the dress is a shiny blue hem.

She accessorizes with a pink chain headband adorned with a treble clef and a pink keyboard belt with dangling chains. On her feet are translucent magenta pumps that have chains, lots of straps, sheet music accents, and music note cutouts in the heels.

From the box:

When Clawdeen dreams of opening a salon for monsters AND normies, Frankie gets a charge out of fixing up the old power station. But then Moanica plots to ruin their plans, so Twyla lends a shadowy hand to stop her. Now the ghouls have to save the normie town and open their salon... all while getting a voltageously ELECTRIFIED makeover!

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  • DVH68
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