Electrified – Monstrous Hair Ghouls Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen has crimped voluminous hair that is purple with streaks of black. She has pink eyeshadow, green eyeliner, and deep pink lips.

Her one-shoulder dress is black and features multicolored irregular stripes. It has a clear yellow ruffle along the neckline and long pink tulle decorates the asymmetrical hem.

She accessorizes with yellow spiked crescent moon cutout earrings and a translucent orange belt with studded strands and spikes. On her feet are translucent purple peep-toe pumps with studs, wide ankle straps, and jagged edges.

Additional items include a translucent purple beastie friend and six hair accessories. Clawdeen can wear a translucent pink crescent moon hair comb, a green crescent moon cutout headband, a green fanged-lip hair clip, or a translucent green spiral clip with a wolf accent. There are two hair extensions: one is green with a Skullette clip and the other is orange with a black bow-paw clip.

From the box:

When Clawdeen dreams of opening a salon for monsters AND normies, Frankie gets a charge out of fixing up the old power station. But then Moanica plots to ruin their plans, so Twyla lends a shadowy hand to stop her. Now the ghouls have to save the normie town and open their salon... all while getting a voltageously ELECTRIFIED makeover!

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  • DVH70
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