Fierce Rockers 3-Pack

The 3-pack features Venus, Jinafire, and Clawdeen as the backup band for the Fierce Rockers concert.

Venus McFlytrap
Venus has straight pink hair with a streak of light pink. Her hair is pulled into a ponytail and shaved short on the sides. She has pink eyshadow, orange eyeliner, dark pink lips, and a green spiky leaf design around one eye.

Her outfit entails a black tube top with pink straps, a translucent green spiky collar, and a pencil skirt. The skirt is pink decorated with a black & green wrought iron vine design. Accessories consist of pink safety pin earrings, green ivy arm & ankle wraps, and purple booties with spiked heels. She holds black drumsticks to play her pink electronic drums. The outer drums are coffin-shaped and the inner drums are round and spiky with skullette etchings.

Jinafire Long
Jinafire has long straight hair that is swept to one side and is colored with a layer of green and a layer of chartreuse. Her makeup includes pink eyeliner, orange flame eyeshadow, and dark pink lips.

She is wearing an extra long sleeveless red top with a Chinese dragon print. The top has a high fire-trimmed collar and a long side split. Under the top is a black miniskirt. She accessorizes with dangly red fan earrings, a dragon bracelet, and dragon wrapped black booties. Her musical instrument is a bright green dragon keytar.

Clawdeen Wolf
Clawdeen has wavy blue hair with lavender highlights. Her eyeshadow is lavender, her lips are gold, and a purple crescent moon decorates one eye.

She is wearing a black poofy faux fur top and leggings. The leggings are black, purple, and green adorned with various animal prints. Accessories feature a black chain and double hoop earring, a gold moon & claw choker, and a multi-banded studded black wrist wrap. On her feet are pink pumps with studs, claw marks, and spiked claw heels. She plays a golden double crescent moon guitar adorned with scrolls ad claws.

This Toys”R”Us exclusive does not include doll stands.

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  • DJB92
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