Fierce Rockers Toralei Stripe & Catty Noir 2-Pack

The Fierce Rockers 2-pack features Toralei Stripe and Catty Noir singing in a concert.

Toralei Stripe
Toralei has short orange and black streaked hair styled into a bob cut without bangs. She has silver and gray eyeshadow, black lipstick, and three jagged teal marks under one eye.

Her outfit is a shimmery black leotard with an orange waist-wrap adorned with short jagged lines. Over the leotard is a teal feather-like cape with chest strap and a wide teal belt with crack marks. On her feet are black zip-up knee high boots with studded trim and claw heels. She accessorizes with a silver bangle, a teal studded bracelet, and a teal microphone.

Catty Noir
Catty has long straight pink hair with a teal under-streak. Complementing her black complexion is silver lipstick, pink eyeliner, silver eyeshadow, and one eye decorated with a silver fractured design.

She is wearing a unique jumpsuit with a black & shiny silver cobblestone print. The jumpsuit has one sleeve, one pant leg, a wide pink collar, and peeking out of the neckline is a teal bra. Pink accessories consist of a studded bracelet, a winding studded belt, and a studded thigh belt. On her feet are teal cracked pumps and in her hand is a silver skullette microphone.

Two doll stands and a diary are included with this Toys”R”Us exclusive.

From the box:

Toralei's fave dayscream is coming true... purrforming on stage with Catty Noir! Although Toralei might be screeching more than singing, Catty's meowlodious voice can carry the tunes for both of them. This is a concert to be remembered for at least 9 unlives, and the popstar duo finishes their set to monstrous applause.

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  • DJB91
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