Finnegan Wake

Finnegan has light blue skin and a streaked translucent blue mohawk. On his right bicep is a tattoo of a skull with a checkered flag and flames. On his left forearm is a tattoo of black flames. From the waist down he is scaled, darker blue, and has a translucent tail fin.

He wears a yellow racer tank with gold trim, a gold double stripe, and a white circle with “01” in red. He accessorizes with clear racing goggles, black fingerless gloves, and a gray arm wrap.

His wheelchair is black with translucent reddish orange flame spokes on the large rear wheels. Hanging from the back of the chair is his brown backpack. Also included with the doll is Finnegan’s diary.

Finnegan was chosen to be made into a doll in a contest held on the Monster High website. Voting was from September 2 to September 14. Fans could vote for Quill Talyntino, daughter of a harpy; Finnegan Wake, son of a mermaid; or Gory Fangtel, daughter of a vampire.

From the box:

Killer Style: My blue mohawk and clawesome tats may say punk rocker, but my fierce fashions are scary-cool race wear. Favorite Activity: When I'm not wheeling around school in my chair, you can find me working out in the school pool, at Gloom Beach or in the ocean. Water workouts really keep my fins fit. Freaky Flaw: I'm a scaredevil who doesn't like to be told, "That's too dangerous." Though, sometimes I may dive headfirst too quickly! Pet Peeve: monster who think that because I'm in a chair, my handicap will hold me back. I may be a fish of of water, but I know what I can - and can't - do.

  • Model Number:
  • CKT04
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