Freak Du Chic Circus Scaregrounds & Rochelle Goyle

Rochelle Goyle
Rochelle has curly pink hair with black highlights in the back. Her hair is pulled to the sides with big puffs of curls. She has pink and blue eyeshadow, dotted accents around her eyes, and pink lipstick. Her skin and gargoyle wings have a speckled stone-like appearance.

She is wearing a fanciful dress with pink straps and a black & white striped bodice. Blue trim separates the bodice from the black skirt that is decorated with rows of pink, white, and blue swirly diamonds. Complementing the skirt is a sheer red & black striped layer with a shredded hem.

Rochelle accessorizes with a black jester’s cap headband, a blue ruff necklace, and a pink flower boutonniere. On her feet are pink pumps with big strappy bows and swirled designs.

The Scaregrounds has a pedestal swing and a photo booth. The swing is black with a wrought iron appearance. It has a black pedestal with golden posts and white curtain-like pillars held by black ropes and swirled rods.

The top of the swing frame has a Monster High sign with spiderweb accents and a white carnival tent top with a black flag finial. A black flag pole sits on top of one pillar and a red balloon with a black spiderweb string sticks out of the other.

The photo booth has a black & white striped platform and resembles an ornate wrought iron fence. Hanging from the bars is a gold framed poster of Rochelle Goyle. The top of the booth has two white tent tops adorned with black flag finials. A white balloon and a red balloon with black spiderweb string also adorn the top.

One side of the booth has a white curtain column held by black ropes. The other side has a strong man image of Manny Taur with his face cut out.

The swing and the photo booth are connected by a red tightrope. Accessories for the playset include a red funhouse mirror, a black mustache stick mask, a purple masquerade stick mask, yellow clown nose glasses, and a black camera.

From the box:

COME ONE! COME ALL! Step right up and see the most exfrightning acts on the midway. See Rochelle Goyle silently act her way out of an invisible box! And, will she swing to new heights or tiptoe across the tightrope? Or will her beasties join the act? Don't miss out on the grave-est show of your unlives.

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  • CHW68
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