Frankie Stein’s Vanity

Frankie’s amazing vanity has three silver bolt legs and a blue shelves shaped like a lightning bolt. The black counter top has a silver sheet-metal drawer decorated with a pink lightning bolt and a white skull knob. The lightning bolt mirror is framed in pink and accentuated with pink bolts. Surrounding the mirror is a backdrop of black and blue stitched trellises with coffin-shaped pictures of Frankie’s friends.

The matching chair has a black base, a pink tufted seat cushion, and rests upon a single silver bolt. The blue armrests and back use the same stitched trellis pattern as the vanity. A white skull with bolts decorates the center of the chair back.

Accessories for the playset consist of a black hair dryer with a pink cord, a perfume bottle, a lightning bolt makeup palette, a wrench applicator. and a battery train case. The case is blue with a black lid, pink lightning bolt handle, and a blue charging cable.

  • Model Number:
  • Y0404
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