Freak Du Chic Frankie Stein

Frankie has lovely white hair with streaks of black. On her head is a stitched black top hat held by a white headband. She has blue eyeshadow with speckles, pink under her eyes, and dark red lipstick. Her skin has a light blue tint, stitches appear on her limbs, and bolts protrude from her neck.

She is wearing a wonderful halterneck dress with a black & blue striped neck strap that is frilly and frayed. The bodice of the dress is black with blue stitched stripes. The bust and skirt are decorated with mesmerizing black & white lightning bolt circles. Around her waist is a black & red striped belt and her top skirt is black & blue striped with a frayed serrated hem. On her feet are black lace-up knee high boots adorned with a perfect diamond pattern and top hat heels.

For her circus act she performs as a magician. To create her illusions she has a white tipped wand and three interlocking skullette-shaped rings.

Frankie comes with a doll stand and a mini Freak du Chic poster.

From the box:

Frankie Stein doll SHOCKING FRIGHT OF HAND! HURRY! HURRY! HURRY! Step right up and see the most exfrighting acts on the midway. There's Honey Swamp the mysterious marionette, Jinafire Long the fierce fire-eater, the shockingly magical Frankie Stein and the scaredevil werecat on a wire, Toralei. Be the first to see not the last to know. Don't wait until your friends tell you - experience the wonder of Freak du Chic for yourself!

  • Model Number:
  • CHX98
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