Freak Du Chic Gooliope Jellington

Gooliope has wavy yellow hair with streaks of pink. She has blue eyes, yellow eyeshadow with black dots and swirls, and wears dark red lipstick. Her skin is pink with gooey drips on her arms and legs. Gooliope stands an incredible 17 inches tall.

She is wearing a wonderful dress with black straps and a sweetheart neckline. The bodice is striped dark red and black with golden string-like lines. Separating the bodice from the skirt is a black & white striped belt. The skirt features a red, white, and black circus tent print embellished with golden ropes and pennant strings. The longer sheer underskirt is black & white striped with a shredded hem.

Accessories begin with a calliope headband decorated with gold pipes and black & white piano keys. In her ears are gold wagon wheel earrings with skullette shaped cutouts. Her gold choker necklace is connected to epaulettes with spiderweb etchings. On her feet are pink peep-toe pumps with carousel designs, black skullette accents, and skeletal carousel horses for heels.

Gooliope comes with an oversized doll stand and her diary.

From the box:

Gooliope Jellington doll BREAK OUT STAR OF FREAK DU CHIC! Killer Style: Being somewhat larger than unlife makes it impossible to buy my clothes "off the rack" so everything I wear has to be stitched together by claw from material found around the Freak Du Chic. That's not to say my circus chic is not freak du fangtastic because it certainly is. Freaky Flaw: I'm quite comfortable around the Scarnival and all the terrifyingly talented acts. But when I step outside of this freaktacular world, I feel like I don't fit in and become very nervous! So much so, I literally begin to shake like Jelly! Favorite Activity: I love putting on Ginormous Freak du Chic productions! Building sets, creating costumes... you name it, I do it all! I'm definitely a DIY kind of Ghoul! Pet: There are so many uhhh-mazing creatures I get to help care for in the Freak du Chic that I couldn't possibly choose a pet without making some creature jealous.

  • Model Number:
  • CHW59
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