Freak Du Chic Jinafire Long

Jinafire has long green hair with bangs and is pulled into a ponytail. Her hair features a stripe of black and pink running down the center. She has green eyeshadow, swirls and dots under her eyes, gold scaled skin, and a long tail with a fiery green tip.

She is wearing a mishmash dress that begins with red & black shredded frills on the shoulders. Portions of the dress have red & black stripes; some of it has a black & gray diamond print with fiery red and green diamonds; and other parts are striped red,black, gray, and green. Accenting all of it are white swirly designs with spiderweb accents. A black & green striped belt separates the bodice from the asymmetrical skirt with a saw tooth hem. Under the skirt is a longer layer that is red & black striped, sheer, and has a jagged hem.

For her circus act she performs as a fire eater with many fiery and translucent props. She has green flames that attach to her lips and a fiery green fan. In her hair is a flaming reddish pink headband and a matching necklace is around her neck. On her feet are reddish pink dragon-faced boots with fiery fans for heels.

Jinafire comes with a doll stand and a mini Freak du Chic poster.

From the box:

Jinafire Long doll A FIERY HOT ACT! HURRY! HURRY! HURRY! Step right up and see the most exfrighting acts on the midway. There's Honey Swamp the mysterious marionette, Jinafire Long the fierce fire-eater, the shockingly magical Frankie Stein and the scaredevil werecat on a wire, Toralei. Be the first to see not the last to know. Don't wait until your friends tell you - experience the wonder of Freak du Chic for yourself!

  • Model Number:
  • CHX96
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