Freak Du Chic Honey Swamp

Honey has tightly curled hair that is lavender with light green highlights. Her hair is styled into two puffy ponytails. Her skin is aquamarine and decorated with vine-like ridges.

She is wearing a fanciful halterneck dress with a collage of designs and patterns. The strap and peplum have black & white shredded frills. The bodice and skirt have stripes of turquoise and black, colorful checkered patterns, and black patches with striped dots and webbed designs.

Accessories consist of a magenta balloon animal necklace and a green balloon animal purse. On her feet are white knee-high lace up boots with magenta balloon animal heels.

For her circus act she portrays a marionette. This requires a green puppet yoke with two ribbons that attach to her wrists. The yoke can be hung from above giving her a puppet appearance.

Honey comes with a doll stand and a mini Freak du Chic poster.

From the box:

Honey Swamp doll NO STRINGS ATTACHED! HURRY! HURRY! HURRY! Step right up and see the most exfrighting acts on the midway. There's Honey Swamp the mysterious marionette, Jinafire Long the fierce fire-eater, the shockingly magical Frankie Stein and the scaredevil werecat on a wire, Toralei. Be the first to see not the last to know. Don't wait until your friends tell you - experience the wonder of Freak du Chic for yourself!

  • Model Number:
  • CHX93
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