Freaky & Fabulous Ghoulia Yelps

Plush Ghoulia is about ten inches tall and light gray in color. Her hair is different shades of blue ribbon that is held back by a green headband. She has a thin stitched smile, blue eyes with green shadow, white glasses, and pink earrings.

Her red top has a cherry print, Skullette accent, and sleeves that are striped black, red, and white. Black mesh gloves cover her hands.

Around her waist is a piano key belt with Skullette buckle. The baggy pants are shimmery red with small black dots and black at the knees. On her feet are black peep-toe sneakers with red laces.

From the box:

Ghoulia is an invaluable friend, often using her brains to come up with out-of-the-coffin solutions to her friends' problems.

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