Freaky & Fabulous Lagoona Blue

Plush Lagoona is light turquoise with yellow ribbon bangs and a long mane of yellow ribbon hair. On her head is a blue scale cap with green fins and a pink mesh accent.

She has green eyes with pink shadow, purple eyebrows, a thin pink smile, and turquoise freckles. Green fins protrude from her arms and legs and she is about 10 inches tall.

Her outfit begins with a blue scale jacket that has black sleeves and silver trim. The shirt is black above a pink fish scale print. Long blue mesh is under black shorts decorated with colorful bubbles and dotted lines.

Accessories consist of silver earring and a yellow seahorse necklace. Lagoona’s shoes are black and white striped sandals.

From the box:

My skin tends to dry out if I spend too much time out of the water so I go through a fright of moisturizer. Chlorine from the Monster High pool also has a tendency to turn my blonde hair blue but it's a creeperific look don't you think?

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