Freaky Fusion – Fusion-Inspired Ghouls Operetta

Operetta has beautiful red hair that is long and straight with a wide black streak down the middle. Her inspiration is Frankie Stein which creates an electrifying rockabilly ensemble.

She is wearing a sleeveless plaid dress created from crisscrossed lines of music. One half of the dress is pink with black music and the other half is black with pink music. Running down the front is a shiny white strip with buttons and decorating the hem is black tulle. Under the dress are legging with one black leg and one pink leg.

Accessories consist of a silver headband with riveted lightning bolts, a black face mask adorned with stitches, a silver choker with neck bolts, and a red hex nut bangle. Around her waist is a red & black polka dot belt with a hanging necktie. On her feet are red double strap pumps with black tips and bolt accents. Her quilted pink purse has studded handles and features a silver skullette inside a silver circle.

Included with Operetta is a yellow brush and doll stand.

  • Model Number:
  • CBP37
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