Freaky Fusion – Fusion-Inspired Ghouls Scarah Screams

Scarah has light green skin and bob cut black hair with a streak of orange that features black stripes. Inspired by Toralei Stripe, she has created a wild werecat wardrobe.

She is wearing a white leatherette vest decorated with a shiny silver stripe. One half of the collar is embellished with an orange & gray checkered pattern outlined in black. Her black pants have a print of interconnected skullette safety pins plus orange & gray checkered patches.

Accessories consists of a black headband with light green & orange cat ears and an orange studded bracelet. Around her waist is an orange belt with three rows of pyramid studs. Attached to the back of the belt is a removable light green tail. On her feet are white peep-toe wedges adorned with rows of studs and orange straps. Her black studded purse features three orange straps with buckles that create a cat face.

Included with Scarah is a yellow brush and doll stand.

  • Model Number:
  • CBX24
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