Freaky Fusion Hybrids Avea Trotter

Avea’s mane of hair and tail are bright blue with blue streaks. Her horse ears and torso are light purple and her forearms are feathered. On her back are cute feathered wings that transition from black to turquoise at the the tips. Her purple horse body is decorated with a couple patches of light purple skullette spots.

She is wearing a a sleeveless blue top with a big ruffled collar. Over the top is a red plaid satiny jacket with puffed shoulders and short sleeves.

She accessorizes with a red bracelet, a multi-strapped purple bracelet, a long black tail band, black gloves, and a top hat. The black hat has a neck strap and features a red band around the cylinder with a red feather sticking out.

Around her waist is an elaborate black belt with a hanging chain & horseshoe charm. Attached to the belt are interconnected black chains, rings, studded straps, and dangling horseshoes that form a decorative harness. On all four legs are black leg warmers with multiple rows of straps and buckles.

Included with the doll is a yellow brush and Avea’s diary. Avea is able to stand unassisted.

  • Model Number:
  • BJR43
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