Freaky Fusion Catacombs

The catacombs are located under Monster High and include many rooms and passageways. The playset has three levels, a variety of furniture and accessories, and fifteen clips to hold and display dolls.

The top level is the Monster High courtyard that features a purple building with ivy covered bricks, ornate windows, and black wrought iron fences and gates. The windows and wrought iron have spiderweb & swirl designs with skullette accents. The courtyard has a green grass floor, a gray tombstone elevator, and a light blue stairwell.

The middle level has magenta flooring, light blue pillars with yellow torches, and one cracked pillar with ghostly apparitions. There are purple & blue cave backdrops and a blue wrought iron wall behind a light blue dragon statue.

The bottom level is a party room with flooring etched with spiderwebs & swirls, blue skeletal pillars, and a cave backdrop with dinosaur fossils. The back wall is an awesome cutout of a skullette surrounded by swirls and spiderwebs. A yellow chandelier hangs from the ceiling and there is a yellow clock with orange hands above a magenta door. When the hands are set to “1” and “3” the door opens to reveal the underground lab.

The lab has a back wall with coffin-shaped bookcases topped with chains and tubing. The bookcases are decorated with images of books, beakers, skulls, and lab equipment.

Accessories consist of two lab tables, lab chair, two dining chairs, two settee chairs, lab container, laptop, textbook, notebook, feather pen, two candelabras, one candle, two skeleton torches, one bowl, one mug, one magazine, tray of cupcakes, and extra doll clips.

  • Model Number:
  • BJR18
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