Freaky Fusion Hybrids Sirena Von Boo

Sirena is stunning with her blue & purple hair. It is curled and worn in a high ponytail with three long braids on one side. Her ghostly pallor is offset by fin-like ears, webbed fingers, cutout fins on her forearms, and a beautiful mermaid tail.

She is wearing a sleeveless light green top with a print of dark green tentacles and strings of pearls. Covering the top’s translucent straps is a short black fishnet sash that drapes over one shoulder. On each wrist are black fishnet cuffs with long dangling looped tassels.

Accessories consist of a silver pearl earring, a double-hoop earring made from chains and pearls, a triple-chain necklace, and a black belt. Attached to the belt is silver chain netting with scale-like hoops. The netting wraps around her tail all the way down to her fins.

Included with the doll is a yellow brush and Sirena’s diary. A doll stand is not included. She is able to stand unassisted.

From the box:

Age: 17 Killer Style: I like to combine fashions from both sides of my heritage like intertwining strings of pearls with my chains. I mean, if you're going to rattle around, you might as well be fashionable while you're doing so. Freaky Flaw: I guess some monsters think I'm a bit of an air fin, but what I actually am is a daydreamer. I'm always floating away in my thoughts, on land or sea. Favorite Activity: I'm super curious, so I love to treasure hunt in the sea and go to antique stores on land. I love scaring up unique and special freaky findings. Favorite School Subject: Archaeology. It's like a new adventure every day because you never know what's going to wash up with the tide.

  • Model Number:
  • BJR42
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