Freaky Fusion Recharge Chamber & Frankie Stein

This playset features Frankie and the Recharge Chamber where she can recoup her energy. Frankie lacks the typical white in her hair and instead has straight blue hair with yellow and black highlights. The stitches on her body are also different; they are blue instead of silver.

She is wearing a short sleeveless black dress decorated with blue and yellow streaks of lightning. She accessorizes with blue lightning bolt earrings and yellow pumps with lightning bolt cutouts and heels. Around her waist is a silver belt with a double row of holed hex nuts and a dangling chain. Pink, blue, or purple skullette lightning charms can be added to the belt.

The Recharge Chamber is a blue coffin-shaped chamber resting on a black circular pedestal. The inside is tufted gray with lightning bolt accents. It has neck and leg clips to hold Frankie in place. The clear doors of the chamber are etched with lightning bolts and sparks. The doors are framed in pink and topped with a heart. Beneath the doors is gray with a black skullette button outlined in pink.

The top of the chamber has twisting translucent magenta tubing and the back is etched with a stitched skullette surrounded by lightning. On either side and supporting the chamber are yellow lightning rods topped with skullettes.

When Frankie is inside the chamber and the skullette button on the front is pressed, her hair stands up on end. The chamber requires 3 AA batteries to light up and create hair-raising static electricity. A brush is also included with the playset.

  • Model Number:
  • BJR46
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