Freaky Fusion – Save Frankie! Jackson Jekyll

Jackson’s black hair is combed to one side with streaks of yellow blonde. His yellow collared shirt is black and features “Save Frankie” in blue rectangles. The front also has blue, yellow, and white images of lightning bolts, stitched hearts, yin-yangs, and hands. His shorts are plaid with black, blue, and yellow.

He accessorizes with blue hex nut glasses, a blue stitched bangle, and a black multi-bangle bracelet. On his feet are blue loafers with yellow soles. His “Save Frankie” sign is blue with a lightning bolt handle and an image of Frankie.

Included with Jackson is a yellow brush, doll stand, and a wearable blue bracelet decorated with stitches, “Monster High” and a skullette.

  • Model Number:
  • CBY83
  • Find this manster at

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