Friends Cleo de Nile and Hissette

Cleo de Nile
The Cleo rag doll is light beige with black and yellow yarn hair adorned with a yellow and turquoise headband. She has gold earrings, a dashed mouth, turquoise button eyes with the left surrounded by purple, and a turquoise gem on her cheek.

Her outfit is a sandy yellow jumper with a mummy bandage print under a blue crisscross with a sheer blue wrap. Matching the jumper is an arm wrap and black shoes with gold dots. Her left arm has a gold arm band and a gold bracelet.

Hissette is Cleo’s cobra pet. The plush figure is turquoise with teal stripes on his body. He has a dashed mouth with a split tongue and purple button eyes with shiny gold surrounding the left one. A yellow crown is on his head and a golden pendant decorates his neck.

  • Model Number:
  • T7995
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