Friends Deuce Gorgon and Perseus

Deuce Gorgon
The Deuce rag doll is a light almond color with yellow yarn hair on the sides, light green yarn on top, and a green yarn mohawk. He has red and black sunglasses, a silver earring in his left ear, a dashed mouth, and green button eyes. The left eye is outlined by a dark green diamond.

He is wearing a red shirt with a skull and cassette graphic. Over it is a gray vest with shiny silver stripes and white trim. A white belt with a cassette buckle and silvery chains hold his black pants with white scale designs.

Accessories consist of a black glove and a black skull bracelet. On his feet are black and white checkered shoes.

Perseus is Deuce’s pet rat. The plush figure is dark gray with a tiny orange mohawk, an orange belly, and two tails. He has a dashed red mouth with one fang and brown button eyes. The left eye is inside a yellow diamond.

  • Model Number:
  • T7996
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