Friends Frankie Stein and Watzit

Frankie Stein
The Frankie rag doll is pale green with black, white, and gray yarn hair. She has silver screw earrings, a dashed mouth, a blue button eye, and a green button eye outlined in yellow with silver stitches. Silver stitches also decorate her arms, legs, and cheek.

She is wearing a black and blue plaid dress with white shoulders, sheer black sleeves, and a black mesh hem. Accessories include a black and white polka dot tie with Skullette and a studded belt with shimmery chains. On her feet are black and white striped shoes.

Watzit is the dog-like pet of Frankie Stein. The plush figure is tan with one brown ear, a brown leg, and a stitched brown patch on his face. Silver-gray spikes top his head and silver-gray wings are on his back.

He has one green and one blue button eye, a stitched mouth with fangs, and black stitches on his body. Around his neck is a studded black collar.

  • Model Number:
  • T1399
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