Friends Ghoulia Yelps and Sir Hoots A Lot

Ghoulia Yelps
The Ghoulia rag doll is light gray with a green headband that holds back yarn hair that is shades of blue. She has pink earrings, a stitched mouth, and blue button eyes. A jagged red outline surrounds the left eye.

She is wearing a cropped cherry print top over a black, red, and white shirt with black mesh cuffs. At her waist is a keyboard belt and her pants are red with small black dots. On her feet are black and white sneakers with red laces.

Sir Hoots A Lot
Sir Hoots A Lot is Ghoulia’s pet owl. The plush figure is turquoise with a blue face, white chest, and white feet. He has a stitched mouth and yellow button eyes. The left eye has a jagged red outline.

  • Model Number:
  • W2567
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