Fright-Mares Frets Quartzmane

Frets is a gargoyle hybrid with long reddish pink hair with streaks of black. She has small horns, gray skin, and bony gargoyle wings. Facial features include dark eyebrows, blue twinkly eyes, gray eyeshadow, pink eyeliner, dots under her eyes, and salmon pink lips.

Her outfit is a pink tank top with black horizontal stripes and a shimmery silver peplum belt. Her horse-like body is a dark speckled gray with a pink fan-like tail. Wavy pink stripes are on her back leg and a black flower corsage decorates her tail. Black leg warmers with chains, stars, horsehoes, and pyramid studs are on her front legs.

From the box:

It's all about the hoofbeats for me. I'm always trotting out the latest tunes and I love it when one of my friends yells, "Hay, I know that song!"

  • Model Number:
  • DGD14
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