Fright-Mares Flara Blaze

Flara is a phoenix hybrid with coral pink hair that has orange highlights and a wild purple mohawk. She has yellow skin with purple eyebrows and violet eyes. Her makeup entails orange streaked eyeshadow, purple eyeshadow, and purple lipstick.

She is wearing a violet top with an orange feather print. Over the top are feathery purple epaulettes and on her back are golden feathered wings. Her equine body is a shiny violet red with a fiery orange tail. Feathery orange wraps cover her front legs and fiery orange feathers decorate her back leg.

From the box:

Even though I've often been accused of fanning the flames of chaos, I like to think what I really do is provide the sparks of transformation that turn old sticks in the mud into Roman candles of celebration.

  • Model Number:
  • DFJ13
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