Fright-Mares Merry Trotabout

Merry is a carousel horse hybrid with pink hair that has turquoise streaks. It is pulled into wavy pigtails and poking out the top is a light blue spiral horn. She has pale turquoise skin, swirly pink eyebrows, and dark turquoise eyes. Her makeup entails pink eyeshadow, drippy black eyeliner, and pink lipstick.

She is wearing a tank top with black & white diagonal stripes and drippy pink accents. On her back are black skeletal wings and around her waist is a light blue dripping ribbon belt with bows. Her horse body is gray with a fluffy pink tail tied with a black bow. Merry’s front legs have pale turquoise wraps embossed with horseshoes and swirls and tied with pink ribbon. Pink bows and colorful swirls and dots decorate her back leg.

From the box:

There's a song that's always stuck in my head. Ghoul thing it always puts pep in my step, even when I'm lost - and I get lost A LOT. Sometimes I feel like I'm just going 'round and 'round, ya know?

  • Model Number:
  • DPW90
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