Fright-Mares Olympia Wingfield

Olympia is a vampire bat hybrid with deep purple hair that is streaked with black and features a black spiderweb mohawk. Her pale white skin is complemented by purple eyebrows, purple eyes, lavender eyeshadow, yellow eyeliner, and purple lips with fangs. On her back are yellow bat-like wings.

She is wearing a sleeveless blue top with an angular soccer ball heart. Around her waist is a black skirt-like belt with a flared hem. Her equine body is lavender with a bushy black tail streaked with blue. Purple wraps with drippy yellow stripes cover her front legs and decorating her back leg are a variety of black bats and hearts.

From the box:

I'm batty about team sports - I love the "we're all in this together" spirit of being part of the herd. I also love wearing black, so my beasties have nicknamed me "Gothlete."

  • Model Number:
  • DJF27
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