Fright-Mares Skyra Bouncegait

Skyra is a ghost hybrid with blue and purple streaked hair that is worn in long pigtails. Poking through her hair are two small horns. She has pale blue skin, violet eyebrows, and light blue eyes with light blue eyeshadow and lavender eyeliner. Her lips are aqua blue and lavender freckles decorate her cheeks.

She is wearing a cheerleading outfit with a white top that has a blue collar, a turquoise & blue v-stripe, and a horseshoe emblem. The peplum skirt is blue and her silver chain belt has floating chains that end with a horseshoe and balls.

Her equine body is pearl white, has a purple shimmer, and transitions to silver as it nears her hoofs. Light blue lace-up leg warmers with pompoms cover her front legs and her shimmery blue tail is tied with a light blue bow. A light blue megaphone graphic is on Skyra’s back leg and purple stars and confetti shapes decorate her leg and back.

From the box:

I've been accused of being "perky" but I prefer to think of myself as energetic, and it's a good thing too, because it takes a lot of energy to cheer on the herd and encourage them to... Go! Fight! Win!

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  • DGD17
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