Fright-Mares Pyxis Prepstockings

Pyxis is a Pegasus hybrid with deep pink and dark purple hair that is pulled into a ponytail. Small horns poke through her hair and on her head is a small blue jockey hat with chin strap. She has soft pink skin with blue eyes, light blue eyeshadow, pink lips, and a lavender laurel branch on her left cheek.

She is wearing a sleeveless pink polo shirt with a centaur emblem. On her back are feathery silver wings and around her waist is a black triple belt with rosette ribbon accents. Her horse body is blue with a pink tail. Decorating her back leg is a horseshoe plaque and silvery dots. On her front legs are silver wraps with a horsehoe on one and a rosette ribbon on the other.

From the box:

I'm a classically trained trotter and I love precision mixed with artistry. Watching me go through my paces is like spending a night at the ballet.

  • Model Number:
  • DGD13
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