Fright Roast Coffee

The Fright Roast Coffee playset features a cafe counter, two stools, and lots of delicious accessories.

The purple cafe counter is trimmed with studs and has dripping edges. It sits upon a pink cart decorated with dripping zigzag cutouts. On the front is a menu blackboard framed in blue and embellished with Skullettes.

A blue canopy with studs, cutouts, and a webbed “Cafe” sign covers the counter. It is held aloft by four bony black poles.

The three-legged stools have black curled bases held by a spiderweb support. The seats are light turquoise with dripping edges and small backrests.

Cafe accessories begin with two cups filled with a Skullette-topped brew. They can be placed on the silver espresso machine etched with spiderwebs and drippy goo. For ghouls on the run, there is a blue travel cup and a brown to-go box.

Snacks include a pink batty cupcake and a sprinkled donut that are displayed on a spinning stand. The turquoise stand has spiderweb designs and is topped by a winged Skullette.

  • Model Number:
  • DNX01
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