Fright-Mares Aery Evenfall

Aery is a skeleton hybrid with long hair that is half pink and half black. She has horns poking out of her hair, bluish skin, and white bone wings on her back. Her face features blue eyes with pink and blue eyeshadow, thorny lavender eyebrows, and hot pink lips.

She is wearing a strapless blue top that has a sweetheart neckline and a fiery pink design on the front. Around her waist is a white skeletal belt. Her equine body is purple with a lavender tail and a starry constellation pattern is on her back leg. Covering her front legs are lace-up hot pink warmers with fiery accents.

From the box:

The darkest nights bring out the brightest stars, and there's nothing better than to watch the twinkling herd galloping across a midnight sky.

  • Model Number:
  • DGD18
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