Frights, Camera, Action! – Hauntlywood Operetta

Operetta is amazing with her red & black hair and rockabilly style. She is wearing a wonderful sleeveless dress with black straps and a shimmery red bodice trimmed with red tulle ruffles. The waist is black with a piano key design and the skirt is white with an abstract piano key print. Under the skirt is a red tulle layer trimmed with a black sheet music pattern.

Black & white accessories consist of piano key earrings, a piano key bracelet, and a half mask. The white dripping heart mask has five black pips and is accentuated by a black fishnet veil and a black ribbon. Her fan shaped purse is made up of piano keys with strands of dangling black beads.

Evening gloves cover her hands; the right one is white and the left is black. On her feet are black peep-toe pumps decorated with spiderwebs, a bow on each foot strap, and stacked dice for heels.

Included with the doll is a black coffin shaped camera with a silver spiderweb flash bulb and a black lanyard with a V.I.M. badge. There is also a black brush, doll stand, and Operetta’s diary.

From the box:

Age: phantom years Monster Parents: The Phantom of the Opera Killer Style: From the top of my hotrod red victory roll hairdo to the souls in my shoes - don't step on 'em - I'm a high-octane rockabilly phantom de force. I've also got this pitch perfect beauty mark that starts on my face and ends in the ginchiest tat ever. Freaky Flaw: I'm a bit of a diva and a perfectionist...okay, more than a bit. Mostly it's just about my music though which causes monsters to kinda lose their minds for a few days if they hear me sing live. My voice doesn't have the same effect when you listen to it recorded.

  • Model Number:
  • BHM96
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