Frights, Camera, Action! Premiere Party

The Premiere Party playset has a display case & photo backdrop, podium, settee, tall table, and stanchions & ropes.

Display Case & Photo Backdrop
The display case is pink with spiderweb etching and is trimmed with pyramid studs. The case is attached to a black wrought iron divider adorned with strings of turquoise beads and pink Skullette motifs.

The back of the case has a photo backdrop surrounded by pink Skullette motifs. The black backdrop has a pattern with the Monster High emblem, a coffin bean, “Monster High” and a smiling vampire.

The turquoise podium has a wrought iron design made up of beaded strings and spiderweb shapes. The front is decorated with a pink Skullette motif.

The seat is black with Skullette feet and ornate designs made up of studs and cutouts. The pink cushion has a scalloped edge and spiderweb tufts.

Tall Table
The tabletop is black with a studded edge and spiderweb cutouts. It rests on a turquoise pedestal with winding beads and web-like feet.

Stanchions & Ropes
The three stanchions are silver with spiderweb bases and black Skullette tops. They are connected by pink snake-like ropes.

Accessories include a black microphone, a coffin-camera with a pink web bulb, and a “VIM” (Very Important Monster) badge and lanyard. Refreshments are in a tall batty glass, a silver cup with icy drips, and ridged sippy cups. Creepy snacks consist of a spidery treat and a bowl of monstrous goop.

From the box:

It has been 400 years since the last vampire queen ran away rather than rule. Now Draculaura has been declared the new heir to the vampire throne but is she really the true queen or just a stand-in? The ghouls will have to exit stage fright and go on location to Londoom, New Gorleans and finally Hauntlywood to find the real star and to see how the final scene ends...

  • Model Number:
  • BDD91
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