Frights, Camera, Action! Dressing Room

The Dressing Room playset includes a vanity, room divider, and two director’s chairs.

The double vanity is black with a spider-embossed top, a spiderweb cutout back, and red and silver spiderweb accents. The front is turquoise with hanging strands and a red Skullette.

Above the countertop is a double mirror framed in black with silver bulbs. Outlining the frame are studded silver embellishments with magenta webbing. The mirrors can be removed and used as a coffin-shaped compact.

Vanity accessories consist of a turquoise perfume bottle, silver brush, a three-pack of hair rollers, and a red coffin-shaped compact.

Room Divider
The room divider has three turquoise panels. The panels are decorated with Skullettes, wings, and web-like cutouts along the tops.

Director’s Chairs
The chair frames are white and made up of bones with hands on the armrests. The rest of the chairs are red and the backs are shaped like bats.

From the box:

It has been 400 years since the last vampire queen ran away rather than rule. Now Draculaura has been declared the new heir to the vampire throne but is she really the true queen or just a stand-in? The ghouls will have to exit stage fright and go on location to Londoom, New Gorleans and finally Hauntlywood to find the real star and to see how the final scene ends...

  • Model Number:
  • BDD90
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