Ghoul Sports Toralei Stripe

Toralei is going to take the field by storm with her ponytailed red hair with black & orange streaks. She’s wearing a light blue shirt with white stripes and translucent straps. Over the shirt is a black mesh crop top with a white skullette inside of a dripping pink “9”. Her shorts are black with a jagged waistband that is checkered black and pink.

Accessories consist of pink stud earrings, a pink ribbon tied in her ponytail, a black fingerless glove, and black cat-like studded shin guards. On her feet are pink shoes that have serrated cleats and are covered with studs.

Her equipment features a light blue soccer ball and a translucent blue water bottle with a straw. She carries the ball in a pink net bag adorned with the Monster High crest. Included with the doll is a black brush, doll stand, and Toralei’s Physical Deaducation diary.

  • Model Number:
  • BJR14
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